Settings Changed


You might notice some things are a bit strict. I went through and changes loads of settings. This is just for safety so don’t freak out. You can still post comments without having to get it accepted. You can now also rate and if you have a good eye, you will notice everything has changed. Don’t forget to try out the new rating system. If this setting change is great give it a great rating but if not, give it a reasonable rating. Thank you for your ratings! 🙂 (:


Double Topics


Welcome to Double Topics. I am going to tell you the 2 topics that I post about every week…

Random: Each week there are more random posts about sports, clothes, animals and more.

Girl Stuff: This is JUST for the girls! Get tips and more for a good year, feeling great, being popular and loads more.

Contact is ONLY for submitting ideas and complaints. NO conversation but questions are allowed as long as they don’t lead to a conversation. 🙂 (: